7 Resources to Upgrade Your Writing Skills in 2017 and Not Pay Professional Tutors

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Guest Post by Caroline Battons.

Why is learning English Grammar so important today? Almost everyone wants to improve their writing or language skills. It’s only through this that we can begin to communicate with educated men and women of society. Sentence construction is not only an important skill but rather a rare treasure. Writers, authors, and other lovers of grammar have created online platforms to help you gain fluency in the language.

Besides, the websites also help you to gain high-quality writing skills. We are going to take you through a small but comprehensive list of the seven best guides to improve your writing this year!

  1. Worldcounter

Now, here is a service that has got something for everyone. It’s suitable for both students and writers. It is a resource with the unique function. Due to it, you can check your written work for repetition word. You need only copy text that you have already written and the program will check the paper for overused words. You will be able to improve the quality of your document by using synonyms. You can use this resource for writing articles, journal reports, academic papers, for example, essay, and it will still work perfectly!

  1. Grammar Monster

Even though the name may appear scary, it describes an excellent and efficient grammar and language resource. What makes Grammar Monster effective? Well, grammar lessons are simplified so they are smaller and easier to understand. If you’re looking to improve your knowledge of grammar, this is the place that will help!

Also, if you’re a skilled writer, remember that this does not mean you have reached perfection. You can still use Grammar Monster to polish up on what you already know and maybe learn something new. But one thing about this resource made it stand out, at least for us. It is free and available for both adults and children!

  1. Guide to Grammar and Writing

Have we talked about great resources yet? If not, then here is one that’s sure not to disappoint. Guide to Grammar and Writing provides its subscribers with a deeper look into the world of grammar. It discusses more detailed terms and phrases to help increase your knowledge of the language. With this resource, you’re sure to find accurate and relevant information on matters regarding writing skills. It’s also useful for better comprehension of the language.

However, it comes with a few undesirable features. They could be better to make the user experience better, but they do not affect its performance in any way! The awkward navigation pane makes could pose as challenging to use for first time users, though it grows on you with continued use.

Despite this, Guide to Grammar and Writing is very helpful for those of you who have time during the week. Keep in mind that its detailed approach to language and grammar makes it one of the best online grammar resources in the world today.

  1. ThrivingWriter Proofreading Guide

When it comes to the ThrivingWriter proofreading guide, students and writers can now quickly identify their errors in language and sentence construction. For both young and experienced writers, here is a brief list of the steps highlighted by the proofreading guideline.

  • To not be too quick to proofread your work, take a small break after completing a given task and return afterward.
  • Change the appearance of your document to one that will improve your focus and concentration. Consider using different colors and font sizes.
  • Make the best use of online proofreading websites such as Ginger and Grammarly.
  • While going through the text, identify the errors you make frequently.
  • Go through each and every punctuation mark.
  • Read it out loud!
  • Request a friend to read it for you.

Have you thought of going through your essay from the conclusion moving up to the introduction? Well, ThrivingWriter teaches learners that while going through a document, you should focus more on the content as you read it from the end to the start.

  1. Writing Center for Writing Studies

This resource is mostly suitable for students who deal with particular styles and functions. It’s authoritative and has detailed information for both the experienced and more so, the young, beginner writers. The support allows you to:

  • Research on different aspects of grammar
  • Go through the necessities of a good speech
  • Link the concept of writing and expression, thus helping the users connect the two components of dynamic language.

  1. Exam Time

It’s a site that contains a good number of questions making it fantastic for students. However, as we dug dipper, we found that it can be rather frustrating. Exam Time is best suited for those learners who are good in revising by tackling questions.

Besides, if you are a person who’s heavily into research, then Exam Time is not for you. Why so? The website contains a lot of sketchy content which is not useful. Even so, it is a fantastic supplementary resource!

  1. Get Revising

This website offers grammar and writing assistance for both old and young learners. So how does the website work? First, it starts by offering advice to young learners and the inexperienced individuals who mostly struggle with grammar.

Then, it moves on to students learning English in universities and colleges. It’s perfect in that it helps students identify new methods of studying!


With the above resources, your year will be one of remarkable and high-quality writing skills. You might even end up shocking the world with your brilliance. Nothing is as satisfying as learning new rules out of your own initiative! We encourage you to get out there and don’t retire until your writing skills are superb!

Which resource(s) are you currently using? How have you benefited from them?

Bio: Christina Battons is a blogger and web content writer who helps people and students succeed at writing, education, blogging, and more by sharing with them my knowledge. Nowadays writing blog posts at this proofreading service, and I am also an active guest writer at many websites. You can follow me on Facebook.

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