Five thoughtful last-minute gift ideas for co-workers

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It’s not too late to give your co-workers a list-minute gift that is thoughtful and in keeping with Christmas Spirit.

Although it’s not too late to order gifts online for family and friends, it may be too late to find the right gift for co-workers who are rolling into vacation time now. But it isn’t too late to give them something thoughtful and beautiful (and also won’t cost you very much at all).

  1. The gift of a shift – give your colleague some vacation time (even if it’s only a few hours) by working their shift (and they take the pay). This is especially thoughtful if it means your co-worker can do something special with the time, like visit a relative, or pick up their kid from school. This gift is priceless. Note: you may need to clear this with your bosses and ensure that this doesn’t break any policy or union rules.

    Cost: your time

  2. The gift of a handmade edible treat – this is a firm favorite of mine (and my friends). I like to make peppermint creams, orange creams or violet creams: ingredients are easily accessible, they’re cheap to make, and take no time at all. They last at least a week too. I get my kids to help me, so it’s a fun time for us all.

    Cost: roughly $1

  3. The gift of an errand – nothing can say ‘I care about you’ more than taking the pain of an errand off a co-worker. Does your co-worker dread going to the post office at lunchtime? Then gift them the delegation of that task to you. Or go pick up their lunch, or dry-cleaning. Whatever erks them!

    Cost: nothing!

  4. The gift of a ride – does your co-worker live across town and suffers busy public transport? Or do they need to get somewhere, fast? Then the best gift of all, in that moment, could be a ride in your wheels. Let them relax, this once!

    Cost: the gas and your time

  5. A charitable donation – giving to the favorite charity of a co-worker is a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do at this time of year. Especially if your colleague doesn’t have two nickels to rub together. This gift is so great because three parties benefit: you; your co-worker and the charity.

    Cost: as much as you choose

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