10 Surprising post-Christmas Recipes for Brussels Sprouts

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I’ve got ten surprising recipes to use up the (very many) uneaten brussels sprouts you’ll be overwhelmed with, post-Christmas!

Brussels sprouts look like baby cabbages. Teeny-weeny cabbages. They are not baby cabbages, but they are part of the same family. And one of the most hated vegetables in the world. With cabbages, we eat the big round head that grows out of the ground. But with Brussels sprouts, we eat the buds that grow neatly along a thick, fibrous stalk – which can be eaten just the same.

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In my native UK, Brussels sprouts are served with our Christmas dinner, whether you want them or not. Kids loathe them. As a youngster, I remember thinking they tasted like hard-boiled farts. Sprout varieties, nowadays, are much less bitter and taste sweeter and fresher. 

But still, however few you buy, there are always some left over – and I have ten recipes to make use of them.

  1. Spicy Roasted Brussels Sprouts. I really like this Korean influenced dish, fantastically tangy with the kimchi-style pickle – but you can leave this out if pickles aren’t your thing. Add a bit more spice if you feel brave (I do…) A great side dish, and perhaps even a light meal in itself if you so wish
  2. Phil Vickery’s Brussels Sprout Curry. A curry recipe had to feature early on in this list. I am British: I love curry, and Brussels Sprout curry is a great use. This recipe is made with wine, but you could leave this out and add water and vinegar instead. This recipe also calls for a ‘pinch’ of paprika – instead I add a good tablespoon of smoked paprika as it really adds to the taste
  3. Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts Subzi with Turmeric, Cumin and Mustard Seeds. Another curry – this one is full of flavor; earthy turmeric and cumin complement the Brussels sprouts. Make sure you use the garam masala! Add yogurt when serving and I like it with lime pickle and home-made broad bean spicy chutney
  4. Honey Mustard Brussels Sprout Slaw. Raw sprouts? You have to be joking, right? Well no – not this time. The Brussels are shredded here – nice and fine, and then complemented with tangy cranberries or cherries and apple cider vinegar. Utterly delicious and a healthy dish to boot
  5. Brussels Sprout and Prosciutto Pizza. Our only meat dish with Brussels sprouts in. The salty prosciutto works well with the earthy sprouts – a great flavor combo. You could use bacon as an alternative, or leave the meat out entirely. Either way, this pizza recipe is adaptable to whatever you have left over after Christmas dinner
  6. Brussels Sprouts Fritters. These fritters are totally yummy. Especially when cooked to a crispy finish. I fry off in English rapeseed oil – which add a lovely yellow, slightly nutty taste. They can be eaten hot or cold – in my opinion the best way is with a poached egg perched on top, drowned in home-made hollandaise sauce benedict-style
  7. Zucchini, Brussels Sprout & Halloumi Fritters. Another fritter, with a difference. This one is with zucchini (AKA courgette) and halloumi – that amazing Cypriot salty cheese that can squeak when bitten into. If you haven’t tried fried or grilled halloumi yet, you don’t know what you’re missing
  8. Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Apples and Walnuts. The combination of sprouts, apples and walnuts just works. If you didn’t flinch at the raw Brussels in the coleslaw above, then you will appreciate this one I am sure. Careful with the mandolin! They can be dangerous weapons in the wrong hands…
  9. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chilli Caramel. This sweet, salty and spicy dish is a real winner. Try to use the fish sauce (nam pla) if you can. You can always adjust the ratio between chilli, palm sugar and sauce to your taste
  10. Dijon Brussels Sprout Grilled Cheese. I couldn’t complete this list without finding room for a sandwich in here, and what a sarnie I offer you. This is divine. Grilled cheese is divine. Bang in some mustard and your Brussels and you’ve got a corker. This recipe suggests brie – but you could use cheddar, monterey jack or even a stronger blue cheese. It’s up to you!

Bonus Recipe

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This one is super-simple, and my new favourite:

11. Deep-Fried Brussels sprouts. Simply chop each sprout in half and then drop them all into a frier. Careful of the steam! Cook until the sprouts turn golden brown. Drain off the oil and sprinkle generously with rock salt. These are AMAZING.

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