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Now you can use soda ocr (Optical Character Recognition) for turning any image, PDF or even document (a scanned document) to convert them into a completely editable file. If you want to create PDFs using templates or pages, this is the best software for your needs. You can make interactive presentations as it has the feature of 3D images. This unique feature to work with 3D images is impressive.

Just follow the simple steps below.


Text Recognition:

  • Auto or Manual:

In the very first step, you need to recognize the text. For this, you have to select the image first. You can select the image in edit mode also. Now for recognition of the selected text, use the auto function which will tell you automatically the type of the text that the image contained. You can also use the manual function which adjusts the fields manually and recognizes the text contained in the image.

  • Page Range:

If you want to convert all the selected pages, use the function of Page Range that will recognize the text contained in the images of all the selected pages and convert them into PDF.

  • Entire Document:

For converting the complete document, Soda Ocr has the entire document function as well. Use the Entire Document function that will recognize the text contained in the images of the entire document.

  • Batch:

This feature is used when you have multiple documents containing images, and you want to recognize the text contained in all the images of all the multiple documents.

  • From External Image:

This function is used when you select an external image to recognize what text is contained in the image and want to convert it into PDF.

  • Scan And Recognize:

This feature is used to scan the document and convert the file into a new PDF format so that it will save in the PDF format. You can also make changes in the input settings like if you want to customize the paper size, width, height, resolution or color, etc. you can also customize the output settings.

Options Menu:

You can directly try the options menu that is available in the OCR ribbon. This contains settings related to recognition of a document language, quality, settings, and PDF version, settings and type as well as the compression quality of JPEG 2000.

Features of Soda OCR

  • It is a reliable software that you can use freely.
  • It is an intuitive software also.
  • It is a portable software that you can use it in your homes as well and wherever you want to.
  • It has different languages.
  • It has also flip page features.
  • It includes the shape and drawing tools as well.
  • It has more collaboration tools than other PDF programs. There are some collaboration tools that you will not get in any other PDF programs.
  • It’s very easy to use.

The Soda Ocr is best for business use as it works with multiple languages and has several features. The software is great providing the features of editing, converting and such other tools that other PDF program doesn’t provide. It’s a complete package for all. Give it a try!

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