How to find a quiet place to work

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The thought of achieving total calm and quiet to get some work done might feel impossible when you have kids yelling in your ear and the dog sniffing around your ankles.

To provide yourself the best chance at nailing that report or research, you’re gonna need peace and quiet to concentrate. You will need to ensure that you don’t suffer away in a crowded, noisy, untidy area. Your mind will start drifting from one thing to another. Concentration – forget it.

You must do everything in your capacity to remain as focused as you possibly can. This will not only let you productively get more work done, but also feel calmer and less stressed out. Here are just some simple tips on how to find a quiet and conducive working environment.

Find a boutique coffee shop

The typical coffee shop tends to be a noisy place, full of friends chatting about the weekend. The other option is to use a boutique cafe that offers a quiet environment.

Read Yelp reviews first to check out ones that focus on students and workers. Particularly look for a coffee shop near a College or University. They are generally a great location to work from, if it advertises a no-phone calls policy. Besides offering the blissful luxury of silence, free WIFI is often available. And not to mention, caffeine.

Get one of those co-working space for an office-like feel

Co-working spaces are popping up just about everywhere these days. While there is typically a cost to work in such spaces during the day, the comfort and peace it provides is worth it. They normally feature restrooms, coffee refills, stationery, printers and photocopiers, internet access, workspaces and meeting spaces.

Selecting one of the places means you have regular office amenities close at hand as well as the energy and human interaction you may miss otherwise.

Alert others that you shouldn’t be disturbed

Let people close by know that you are working – so they should value your space as well as your time. You could place an indicator on the door, declaring “Working. Private, Please.”

How quiet will depend on the sort of work you’re doing. Being a home-based Virtual Customer Support – answering inbound customer questions for companies from your home – has shown to be one of the fastest-growing online jobs. But while doing this, crying, barking, loud music etc…are a BIG NO.

Pack headphones just in case

Regardless of how much research it’s likely you have done to get the perfect space to work for a couple of hours, expect the unexpected at all times. If the person next for you decides to have a business call that cannot wait or maybe his / her text alert is constantly going on and off, pack noise canceling earbuds merely to be sure. Don’t let one individual kill your work productivity.

Libraries can be considered a distraction-free zone

While in some communities WIFI might not be available to you as a library guest without a registered card, working from at a library continues to be a great destination to focus without distraction. This is also true if you have something important to do like supplying a run-through of a written report prior to the next meeting or making last minute edits to a demonstration.

To conclude, a quiet place isn’t just so you can get work done either. It’s for meditating, reflecting or clearing your mind. It’s where you produce your very best ideas. It’s an opportunity to take a deep breath. The key reason why it is so essential that you find a noiseless destination to work is basically because you should have less distractions. Not just that, but you’ll generally feel more tranquil and you’ll be able to get more work done.

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