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What if I told you that it was possible to boost productivity and workflow with a simple online software that you can use for free, right this minute?

It’s true, so check out Soda PDF and convert your PDF to whatever you need right now, which I review now.

Turn Images Into Word Files

Available on PC and Mac, the Soda PDF software has the ability to convert your pdf in a multitude of ways, and it makes a world of difference when you implement it into your office’s daily work routine. For instance, you can convert Word files to OpenOffice documents that your business partners or colleagues can open and view. Or you can reverse the conversion and transform OpenOffice documents into Microsoft Word files that make it easier for you to view and make revisions. Of course, this is just one example of the possibilities that open up when you try out this conversion software. In fact, there are so many ways to use this free service in the office and beyond.

Because I use both a Mac and PC, and work with client files of all varieties, this is a perfect companion.

Make Conversions to or From HTML

Something that I find very useful – one of the most intriguing and advanced conversion services in Soda PDF is using the 3D and digital technology to convert physical books I’ve purchased into PDF files for use on my e-reader. That means that you can view your book or comic as if you were physically holding it in your hands, all thanks to cool page-turning features. The color remains vibrant and the lettering is easy to read, just like when you convert your PDF to OpenOffice, HTML, or some other file. Besides the CBR reader feature, the software is also compatible with HTML, and it can use just about any of your files and documents that is sitting in the cloud right now. That means the files in your Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive can all be used with Soda PDF.

Work on Various Platforms and File Types

Finally, you will definitely want to have this PDF conversion service in your office or work place because besides being free, it is so simple and convenient to use. In fact, you can utilize the technology from a personal or company PC as well as a Mac laptop or computer. That means that there is no device that will falter with this technology, and you can have your employees, colleagues, clients, and business contacts receive beautiful charts, graphics, and Word files that look seamless. Be sure to check it out today and get a better idea of how you can boost productivity and efficiency in your workplace.

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