What should you wear to an exit interview?

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You have an exit interview. What should you wear? A t-shirt flipping the bird?

You might be angry, or care very little about your exit interview. In my own last exit interview, I just wanted to do what was necessary, and get it over with. I had ’emotion’ that I could have expressed, but (as I wrote in my post about exit interviews) there is little point.

There is also little point in wearing rebellious attire too.

Not too long ago, I had to conduct an exit interview with somebody that I knew was upset with the situation. They were pissed off. Their dissatisfaction was made obvious when this person turned up to the interview with the words ‘YOU ARE A C*NT’ emblazoned on it. Sort of making a point… but it made no difference to the interview whatsoever, other than to cause me to doubt the interviewee’s professionalism. OK, I can see the funny side, but nevertheless I doubt I will ever choose to work with that person again (except to model t-shirts to rebellious people.)

Sadly for this person, I connect a lot of people.

An exit interview is an interview. It requires professionalism and decorum. It is an example of our general conduct, and the impression we leave can last a long time. People you engage with on your way out may well be the same people you engage with on the way in, elsewhere. Venting emotion, even passively by our clothing, is a shot in the foot – even it creates a intense, short-term, malicious joy. Maintain a cool head, and professionalism. Who knows, perhaps it’s an opportunity to turn a critic into a supporter? Or just leave with your head held high with no regrets?

My advice: wear something smart, selected from your existing wardrobe. No need to go the other way and buy a new outfit for an exit interview. Something clean and simple will do.

A t-shirt calling the interviewer a C*NT – not advisable!


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