How much does a National Pardon cost in Canada?

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If you are seeking a national pardon in Canada, then you are probably concerned about the pardon fees. Read below for more information about what you can expect to pay for your pardon (record suspension.)

Pick a Package, Pick a Price

First of all, the National Pardon Centre of Canada offers certain packages that can help you complete the pardon application process in a timely and correct manner. For instance, the recommended service is the Premium Pardon Service, which costs $695 plus tax, but the disbursements and court fees are included and your service is expedited. You also receive support via telephone or email should you need it. This package will help you obtain the correct paperwork and signatures, as well as adhere to the governmental requirements for fingerprints, background checks, and so forth. Another package is the Executive Pardon Service, which costs $1,995 plus tax. This is ideal for business people who want the National Pardon Centre to come to your home or workplace to help you personally with the service fees and application documents. Their senior management team will even take care of the costs of a police check as well.

Additional Service Fees and Charges

Any additional costs and fees for a national pardon will be dependent upon the person and their specific circumstances. For instance, the Executive Pardon Service includes the costs of a police background check, but the Premium Pardon Service does not. The police check is necessary for applying for a national pardon, so it can’t be overlooked. Moreover, you may want extra help with an attorney or lawyer, and you will need to pay the costs for any additional background checks, disbursement fees, and court charges. The processing fees are determined by the RCMP, specified police stations, the Courts, the Parole Board of Canada.

Paying for it All

If you are worried about how you will pay for all of these charges and service fees, keep in mind that the National Pardon Centre offers payment plans that allow you to make monthly payments in order to successfully pay off all of the fees and costs. Also keep in mind that the Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, is looking to lower the hefty prices for the application fees (in 2012 the Conservative government bumped it up from $150 to $631.) This should help to lessen the pressure of paying for your pardon.

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