How to Answer the Question “What is Your Biggest Weakness?” – Like a Pro



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Most people dread this question in an interview. Do you? Here’s how to answer it.

This is one of those questions that interviewers throw in to really test you. It conflicts with desire to say only positive things about yourself – in a situation where anything negative could be disastrous. But recruiters love this question, so ask it they will.

You’ll need to think about it in advance, so you’ll be able to answer the question without avoiding it and even turn it to your advantage.

Why ask this question?

This question aims to test your analytical abilities, and self-aware you are. We are all human and we are all imperfect. We can’t be good at everything. In fact every one of us sucks at something. So it isn’t a question that can be answered with ‘I don’t have weaknesses’. We simply can’t avoid the question if asked. Another reason is that interviewers know that you will probably lie about your answer (or not be 100% honest). But that’s OK. The way you answer this question is as important as the content of the answer itself. A ‘good’ answer will demonstrate EQ (Emotional Intelligence) as well as IQ.

So how should you answer it?

How to Answer this Question

Have you been asked this question?

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