3 Jobs That Are Booming as a Result of Online Shopping

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Online retail sales continue to experience year-on-year growth, with more people choosing to shop online. In 2014 alone, eCommerce sales across the entire world were worth approximately $1.471 trillion.

The appeal for most online shoppers is that they can comparison shop, find the lowest prices and conveniently have the item shipped to them. That means that jobs in the eCommerce industry are booming.

You don’t have to open your own online shopping portal to be involved with the booming eCommerce market. All you need is a willingness to look towards the future and decide if you want to be involved with online shopping with one of these growing jobs.

1. Online Reseller Trading Assistant

If you’re thinking eBay, you’re partly correct. You can register as a business with eBay and become an online reseller in no time at all. You will need to reach out to people who want to sell their old, used or unwanted items and usually, you’ll be working with people who don’t know how to use eBay to sell their own items. Whether you let the seller dictate the price or price it yourself, you can charge a flat fee or a percentage of the sale price. There are many online auction sites where you could become a trading assistant.

2. Call Center Worker

In some cases, the call center employee doesn’t have to sit in a large room with 100 other workers. Call center workers can often work from home, answering customer inquiries or selling products. In addition to this, many businesses, especially retail, are using live chat for customers to speak to a customer support agent. Research has found that live chat has the highest customer satisfaction level of all support channels, so we can certainly expect jobs in this area to increase.

3. Grocery Shopping Delivery

Online shopping jobs don’t need to involve a computer and a keyboard. Online grocery shopping is another industry that will see an increase in the future, with sales set to double to £16.9bn in the UK by 2019. This is due to supermarkets increasing their online offering and with Amazon introducing Amazon Fresh, a grocery ordering service. As a result of this, there will certainly be an increased demand for van and truck drivers to fulfil the delivery requirements, so if you enjoy driving, this type of job could be ideal for you! If you’ve never driven a van before but want to know what kind of driver you’d be, you can find out by taking this quiz.

When people buy products and services online, they are saving time and money. If you tap into the eCommerce trend, you might be surprised to find how many job opportunities this industry can offer. You might have to think creatively about your skills, and how those skills will translate to the online world. It can be done even if you don’t have a computer or a headset.

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