4 reasons why you should get a GoPro Hero

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Until smartphones arrived, most of us used a HD digital camera to video stuff. Work stuff; family stuff; play stuff. Then Apple and their friends came along and made it even easier for us. But now we should get one of these game-changers…

Have you seen the GoPro? It’s an ultra-cool, high-resolution video and still camera that fits neatly into your pocket, and your budget.

Here are four reasons why you should get one today…

  1. goPro-Hero4-silverIt’s wearable and mountable. For that hands-free, extreme experience, the GoPro can be attached as a helmet-cam, a bike, a tripod – pretty much anything. The possibilities are endless – a range of 60+ mounts and accessories means that this is the ultimate flexible camera device. Head-straps are available so you can use this skiing, on your mountain bike, moto-x, surfing or para-sailing. You can even get bundles for these activities.
  2. It’s connectible. With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, we can control it remotely. Great for those delicate shots or preserving family moments. With an app, it has something called ‘smart remote’ which means we can be behind the lens from anywhere. I am sure voyeurs will love that feature… Share your content with a few clicks.
  3. It’s durable. Weatherproof and waterproof up to 40m (now that is deep). Take your videos underwater – just try that with your iPhone (no – please don’t!) It’s designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions. Cold, heat, wind, wet. Throw anything at it.
  4. It’s cool. I mean really cool. These bad-boys look awesome. They will be the envy of our friends. The aesthetics and ergonomics are awesome. Go into a store and just touch one and you will be reaching for your wallet.

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