Project Management For Dummies (and Non-Dummies)

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Whatever your job, understanding change like a Project Manager is an advantage that will last your whole career…

Have you ever wondered…

  • why projects seem to make decisions, the way they do?
  • why projects need a load of paperwork?
  • why projects can appear bureaucratic?
  • how projects start, and what happens before they start?
  • what happens at the end of a project?
  • why Project Managers get paid so much?

You are not the only one!

Some ancient Greek guy, a philosopher and general brain-box called Heraclitus (interesting name) once wrote:

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change – Heraclitus

and this stands true in history, today, and forever more. Change is a constant in our careers and organizations, so understanding and mastering how change occurs gives us insight, and an advantage.

In other words, you don’t need to be a Project Manager or a Consultant to benefit from understanding this!

I am a Change Management Consultant, and often manage projects and change within my employers and clients, as well as consult on it. I’ve learned about all sorts of ‘methodologies’ and ways that organizations formally manage changes – normally called Projects. But there are a set of universal principles, and common practices that under-pin them all, and each and every one of us is impacted when a project starts, executes and completes, even in a small way.

So this is why I recommend this book: Project Management For Dummies.

This book isn’t about software. It’s not about anything ‘technical’ – but it is a load of common-sense. It is a Project Management 101. It’s pitched at a level that most people can read and understand without a reference book, or a formal certificate in Project Management.

It’s no ‘coffee-table’ read though – if you have questions about projects and want to understand how they work and why they do what they do, then this book will tell you all about it, but you have to be prepared to read it thoroughly. Many of the terms and concepts flow throughout the book so it’s a start-to-finish read.

Whole departments will benefit from reading this book. Together, you could develop a common language and common approach to engaging in projects that affect your department.

Perhaps you could buy the book between a few of you and take turns in reading it?

Get YOUR copy of Project Management for Dummies – available in Kindle, paperback or Audible

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