Games for Kids of all Ages: Crossy Roads

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My kids have entered the digital age, and one of their favorite games is Crossy Roads.

If you’re a parent or have kids in your life, we have to be ultra-careful about the content we introduce to them. Nothing can be assumed to be ‘safe’. It was only last week that I was browsing Twitter and found all sorts of stuff that is 100% Adult Only.

So it’s great to find something that adults and kids alike can enjoy together.

My son told me about this game – Crossy Roads – that reminds me of the ‘Frogger’ game I used to play when I was a kid. I downloaded it to my iPhone and iPad and we had a blast.

It’s entertaining and very funny. The characters you can play are cute and tongue-in-cheek at the same time. My favorite is playing as a box of fish and chips! You have to be quick with your fingers and move like lightning. It’s as much fun as a ‘brain-trainer’ app and does just as much good.

The kids love it. And so do I.

Like all ‘free’ games – there is a catch. There are in-game purchases for new characters, if you can’t be bothered to play long enough to unlock them yourself. It’s a shame, but we get naught for free today. I educate my kids not to press the buttons to complete a purchase. And NEVER share my iTunes password.

You can play this online using your browser, if you wish. Just go to

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