Why I Love the Mophie Space Pack

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If you own an iPhone then I don’t need to tell you how pissed we can get when the battery doesn’t last a whole day!

The one lousy thing about the Apple iPhone is the damned battery life. Rarely did I get through a day’s work without re-charging the battery. Sure, we can switch off 4G, switch off WiFi, switch off Bluetooth, close background app…. yada yada. If I have to do this then WHY WOULD I BUY AN IPHONE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

OK, rant over. I am happy now because I got myself a Mophie Space Pack. Because there is no such thing as having too much battery power for your iPhone.

This device is super-neat, because it combines all of the extras I need in one place:

  • I need a robust case – because I am clumsy and drop my phone regularly…
  • I need a convenient charger, because I can’t get through a whole day without recharging…
  • I need extra storage, because I am always taking pictures in ‘slo-mo’ mode, just for the fun of it.

Best of all, it doesn’t make my iPhone that much bigger. It can still fit in my trouser pocket with plenty of room.

Here are the specifications:

  • The Space Pack is the world’s first battery case with built-in storage for the iPhone 5s and 5. The extra memory allows for 16,000 more photo’s, 14 hours of more video and 8000 more songs.
  • Rechargeable 1700mAh lithium ion polymer battery with 32GB of built-in storage and protective case in one.
  • Provides you twice the battery life of the iPhone 5S/5 — Up to 6 hours of talk time on 4G and LTE. Up to an additional 8 hours on 3G. Up to 40 hours of additional audio playback. Up to an additional 10 hours of video playback.
  • Soft touch finish – Sleek poly carbonate ABS materials in a sleek soft touch design.
  • USB Charger – Included micro USB cable allows you to charge your iPhone 5 and case simultaneously without ever having to remove the iPhone 5S/5 from the case.

Because there is no such thing as having too much battery power for your iPhone.

It’s available in black, white, and gold. Gold gadgets are normally way too BLING for me, but this one looks so fantastic, I had to get one.


How you can get a Mophie Space Pack

Got an iPhone 5/5s? Then you can get your Mophie Space Pack from Amazon for less than $180. It’s a pricey add-on, but it’s excellent value-for-money when you look at the cost of a case, mobile battery pack and external storage separately.

Get Your Mophie Space Pack

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