Successful People Have More Sex

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And successful people have more experimental sex too.

So success, frequent sex, and a kinky mind are all linked, huh?

This is what the boffins are saying. Research conducted by Nick Drydakis of Angila Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, concluded that people who are considered as ‘successful’ have more sex. If you like to read academic research papers, the data and ‘science’ tells you how they reached this conclusion, but you probably knew this already… right?

Is this why rich people always end up with outrageously attractive partners?

In a separate study, by UK retailer, sales data showed that students from the top universities are also the most experimental and purchase the most ‘way out there’ sex toys. You can imagine what I mean.

The top 5 Universities that spend the most amount of money on sex toys per year (2013):

  1. Cambridge £9,793
  2. Oxford £9,689
  3. Manchester £5,441
  4. Lancaster £4,103
  5. York £3,751

Success and Sex

The interesting thing is that it doesn’t matter if you’re from a rich background, poor background, gay or straight – the fact is that the better you do out of the bed, the more rampant and kinky you are in the bed.


Consider yourself successful, but not getting enough action?

Or consider yourself under-performing, except in the bed?

Maybe there’s some brain-science bit that explains all this:

Drydakis refers to the psychological theory called Maslow’s Need Hierarchy – which I discuss in my post Why We Work – humans have to meet their basic needs (food, water, and basic, animal sexual activity) before they move onto ‘higher order’ needs in their life, such as morality, and sexual intimacy. If you’re not bringing home the bacon, so to speak, it explains why you might be less inclined in an intimate night between the sheets. But when your bank account is booming, and that you have a comfortable roof over your head, your libido is likely to be at its highest.

More Sex, More Money

The research also told us something else; people who were having sex once a week were earning 3.2% more than folks having no sex at all.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the bedroom with your partner – it will raise your salary as well as your blood-pressure!

What do YOU think?

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