Why We Should All Carry a Google Chromecast in Our Pocket


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Do you know what a Google Chromecast is yet? Here is why we should all have one.

Google launched the Chromecast last year, and if you haven’t got one yet as a business user then you should put one on your shopping list!

Why do we need a Chromecast?

It isn’t just useful for watching movies and video games – it has a genuine, justifiable business use. Until recently, in order to present your carefully crafted presentation on a big screen, you had to connect your laptop or tablet to a TV or projector in the office through a cable. An old-fashioned cable that got in the way and didn’t always work. This is a pain in the ass.

No more cables required now – instead – you can show your presentations from your laptop or tablet through a Chromecast, wirelessly.

Anyone present can also connect to the Chromecast, and push their content onto the screen. It’s so much more elegant. So those days of each of you unscrewing the little screws from the VGA cable are long gone!

The most amazing thing of all is that a Google Chromecast costs about thirty bucks. We should all have one. You can take it anywhere, like on your keychain, as it is only 0.2oz and is 3.5cm in length.

More info on the Chromecast

  • Stream your online video, music, photos and more direct to your TV from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, including your business presentations
  • You can also stream content from apps directly including Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Pandora, ESPN, MLB.TV, Google Play Movies and Music, Plex, MLS, crackle, Vevo, Rdio
  • Up to 1080p resolution – meaning that you can show your content in high resolution
  • You can ‘cast’ a Chrome browser tab direct to your TV and browse the web!
  • Works with Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks
  • It plugs straight into the HDMI socket in your TV and connects to your WiFi or tethers to your smartphone so you can connect ANY TV to the Internet

Get your Google Chromecast – now


Try the Amazon Fire TV Stick – which comes in at about 40 bucks – which has a faster processor, more memory and also installable games and you can get a games controller!

Get your Amazon Fire TV Stick – now

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