How to Become Top-Recommended on LinkedIn – Like a Pro

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Do you want more recommendations on LinkedIn to boost your profile? I will show you two ways to achieve this.

More recommendations means greater credibility and increased exposure. You need this, and it’s helpful when hunting for a new job, making a sale or supporting a promotion. I have developed two ways to get build a great reputation on LinkedIn, and I have shared them below. If you find them useful, then please share how you do it by leaving a comment below or starting a discussion in my Community Forums:

  1. Give recommendations first. And then enjoy the reciprocation. By providing a recommendation to colleagues, customers and suppliers, we are investing in them, and we will normally see a return. Write specific, relevant recommendations that describe the great relationship and experience you enjoyed working with this person. Do this unprompted, and it is a nice ‘gift’. Write a unique recommendation each time – don’t ‘spin’ the same one over and over as this will then look bad on you – neutral at best – like you can’t be bothered. The added benefit of providing a recommendation is that YOU will be exposed to their connections too.
  2. Write your own recommendation. Busy people, and uninspired people, write dull recommendations. Don’t let this happen. You want great recommendations that really showcase you as talent. So write your own, and then ask your connection to publish it – and invite small edits so that the recommendation is in-tune with how they would write. Again, write a unique recommendation each time. Don’t lie, as you’re asking your connections to purger themselves. Craft the words carefully to be meaningful and reflective of your personality. Mention your greatest achievement whilst you were associated. If you need help on how to articulate your achievements, read my post 7 Keys To Describe Your Achievements – Pro Style

Is this underhand? Are you being a rogue?

No. Because your connections don’t have to publish your self-written recommendations, as-is. In fact they don’t have to publish it at all. When they hit submit, they’re confirming that your words form their recommendation. You’re just helping them with the creative bit, prompting on content, and saving them time. Call it a pro-forma.

Do you have a tip for encouraging recommendations on LinkedIn?

Then please share how you do it by leaving a comment below or starting a discussion in my Community Forums.

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