Why ‘Parity’ is Key during a Sales Meeting

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Parity is when you behave and feel on a level with somebody else – and this could be a valuable tactic to present yourself confidently and share the value you can bring to a potential customer during a sales meeting.

The classic imagery of a sales meeting is of the newbie salesperson nervously clutching their briefcase whilst being led into a room full of stern-looking people. Reality is quite different from the cliché, yet still, most of us probably conjure up these self-defeating thoughts.

In decades gone by, sales meetings were really like that. In the 21st century, though, we can think differently. Why?

  • organizations seek the highest value products from the available market
  • ‘selecting your customer’ is becoming much more commonplace
  • organization structures are flatter
  • markets have become increasingly fragmented
  • products have become increasingly complex, so customers require educating on how to buy
  • social change and culture

I advocate parity because there is no rational reason, in our society, why we must revere a stranger (of course, we can choose to if we wish). And said stranger is giving up their time to meet you because you could be the one person that solves their problem.

You are as important to your potential customer as you they are to you – perhaps even more. So why not consider yourself on the same level?

When you consider yourself on parity with your customer, this is what happens:

  • You present yourself more confidently
  • You talk more openly, and honestly
  • You smile more and appear (and feel) relaxed
  • You ask more questions
  • Your customer is more relaxed
  • Your customer asks less ‘scripted’ questions
  • Your customer smiles more
  • You and your customer enjoy more mutual respect

So shoot for parity!

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