One-on-One Career Coaching Services launched

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Struggling with something? Or want to achieve something quicker?

Overcome your career challenges with me!

Get one-to-one expert support from an experienced career coach to achieve your goals: Let’s work together!

Launched today, my one-on-one coaching services are personalized to you and your success.

Some of the challenges we will work on together:

  • Improving work performance
  • Improving communication and working relationships
  • Organizational citizenship
  • Improve promotion prospects
  • Managing your manager
  • Dealing with defeat or setbacks
  • Becoming happier at work
  • Getting organized, focused and committed

I’ve also introduced two targeted coaching programmes aimed at:

I have personally coached over 250 people at various stages in their career through a wide variety of challenges, and I can’t wait to coach my next 250!

Find out more…

30-day-guaranteeAll my coaching services come with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. If within 30 days of purchase, and you are not happy with the service I provide (for whatever reason) I promised to provide you with a full refund of your purchase price, including any payment fees.

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