Six Essential Secrets to Learn for Successful Job-Hunting

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Are you struggling to get a job? Here are six things to make sure you’re doing, before you pull any more hair out.

  1. Think positively: you must do this first! Remember what makes you great. When you expel negative energy, you get it back. Nobody like to be dragged down. (I have a free course on thinking positively, and other self-improvement strategies, when you join my mailing list.)
  2. Boost your attitude: your ‘attitude’ is a key ally. You’ve got to be in the right mindset and state of mind. If you’re feeling glum, underwhelmed or depressed, then this will color your behavior when you apply for jobs and interview.
  3. Be clear on what kind of job you want, and what you want from it: are you going for the right jobs, or just any old job? It’s tough, I know, when you’re job hunting. When weeks go by without a call, it’s easy to start going for any job rather than the right job. Any job will do, right? Wrong! Thing is – you spend so much time prospecting and interviewing for the wrong jobs, which you don’t get, and it damages your self-esteem. Don’t waste time on job opportunities that you’re not suited to.
  4. Review your jobhunting ‘campaign‘: are your resume, LinkedIn profile and personal pitches knocking people dead? You gotta sell yourself! If you don’t, nobody else will. Review them often and sharpen them up. Ask people for their opinion – get feedback!
  5. Network, network and network: most professional jobs aren’t advertised. They’re filled from within the network. If you don’t have a network, then you’re missing out on the majority of job opportunities. And get this – talk to everyone. Not just ex-colleagues or professional contacts – tell your family, the cable-guy, the barista… because THEY know people. Write down a list of everyone you know, and get in touch.
  6. Pay it forward: before you go for the jugular with your network contacts, see what you can do for them first. It’s much easier to ask for help if you’ve built up favor first.
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