6 People to Avoid Becoming a Facebook ‘Friend’

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There are six people you should avoid becoming ‘friends’ with on Facebook. Want to know who they are?

CBS News have just published a neat post ‘Facebook: 5 people never to friend from work‘ – a list of people who you should avoid linking to in Facebook. Perhaps, already, some of them are already there? You better check, quick!

And I just added a sixth.

The CBS post says you should avoid these people…

1) Your Boss

2) Your HR Rep

3) Your office ‘frenemy’

4) A previous Boss

5) Anyone you manage

and here’s an additional one I’ve thrown in:

6) Anyone who sells to you, or buys from you

Why? Well I don’t know about you, but I’d hate for a situation to occur where a person I was transacting with had more than the necessary leverage over me. Or, perhaps, claim some false affiliation or relatedness to break down some of my barriers. Agreeing a price through negotiation is all about leverage, and a game of wits, so it wouldn’t be helpful if I was compromised in some fashion. Or they might not choose to do business with me at all, based on some real (or misinterpreted) opinion I had written.

We really do have to be careful about our friends on Facebook. They should be real friends. People you trust and can share your world openly with, without fear of it being used against you or misinterpreted!

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