Updated Your LinkedIn Profile Lately?

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If you haven’t, why not? It only takes a few seconds. Here are some ideas on how.

Updating our LinkedIn profiles should be a regular occurrence. Because, who knows, that employer with a lucrative job offer might just be on the hunt for someone like you?

LinkedIn makes it real easy for us too. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  1. Add your skills. On your profile page, you can now add skills really easy. Just scroll down and begin adding them. Be as broad as you can be realistic!
  2. Add sections. Here you can add your achievements, courses, awards, publications, projects and test scores.
  3. Add languages. Tell people about what languages you speak, even at a basic level.
  4. Add education. Don’t forget this!
  5. Request recommendations. Ask new contacts for a recommendation. My tip is to give them an overall brief as to what you want them to recommend you for.
  6. Make recommendations. Not only does this increase the chances of you receiving a recommendation, it looks good on your own profile too.
  7. Add groups. New groups relevant to your niche, interests and organization spring up all the time, so scour for news ones and join them!
  8. Contribute. Make comments in groups, ask or answer a question in LinkedIn Questions & Answers.

Give your LinkedIn profile a polish!

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2 thoughts on “Updated Your LinkedIn Profile Lately?”

  1. Yes, I have just updated my LinkedIn profile. I update it quite often, as it is a very important resource for those looking for a job.

    And I have lots and lots of groups, that feature is my favorite.

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