Good at Something? Earn Extra Cash From It!

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Whether it’s saving for the holidays, or paying off the bills, we could all use some extra cash, right? Here are a few GREAT IDEAS for turning your skills and resources into cash, quickly.

So we’re unlikely to get a raise from our main job right now, and the pressure is on to maintain our income in an increasingly uncertain economic climate. A few extra dollars a week can make a big difference. There are ways to turn your spare time, skills and resources into cold, hard cash, right now.

Want to know more?

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to generate some greenbacks quickly:

  • FIVERR.COM is a rapidly growing exchange of ‘gigs’ people will do for a fiver ($5). For a bewildering array of tasks. Whether it’s writing a slogan, or balancing a tax return, almost anything goes. If you can do something worth a fiver, then publicize it here. It’s free to join! I love this site. I’m going to use it more and more to outsource those fiddly tasks that take up a lot of my time – tasks that other people are far better skilled and tooled up to do (like you!)
  • is similar to FIVERR – not as polished but jobs are not limited to $5 chunks.
  • GigMe5 is another FIVERR clone.
  • Zeerk – another FIVERR clone (there are a few!)
  • GigBucks – another FIVERR clone with jobs ranging from $5 to $25.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk is another labor exchange where small jobs are posted and agreed for small value. Publicize your services and get short-term interesting work on your terms!
  • LinkedIn is a great place for finding small jobs. I am a member of several groups where gigs are regularly posted. Joining groups relevant to your niche, interests and area and check back daily. It’s also a good idea to make an announcement that you’re available to do small jobs there too.

And there is always…

  • eBay – sell some of your old stuff. We collect a lot of junk, so why not do yourself a favour to generate some cash and free up some living space?

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    1. It’s quickly risen to an Alexa rank of 272, so it must be a popular site. A real good way of supplementing income. Thanks for your comment Addy.

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