When Business Travelling, Why Not Go For Comfort Rather Than Style?

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I like to travel with business. Staying in swanky hotels in the lap of luxury can be a real perk, but after a few days of living out of a hotel room it can get tedious. There is an alternative that is growing in popularity.

I used to travel a lot on business. I’ve stayed in hotels all over the US, in Europe and in Africa. I felt, after about 3 days, I wanted to get home. I’d had enough of the dining, sitting in the lounge bar, or congregating in rooms with people I didn’t always choose to be with. I’d have given my right arm for an alternative. There is one!

I just found this post on CNN – Business travelers opt for homier digs on the road – and it discusses a growing phenomenon with business travellers that seems like just the ticket I desired: short-term corporate rentals.

There really is nothing like a home-cooked dinner, or lounging on a comfy sofa with my feet up. Things you can’t do out of a hotel. I’m not ashamed to say I like to relax in a t-shirt and sweat-pants in front of the TV after a hard days work. (Do you?) Hotels can’t give me that.

There are a growing number of homes-away-from home that business travellers are flocking to. They’re basically apartments where all the home comforts are available – there so you can shut the world out, relax, and watch Oprah (or whatever you choose to spend time doing).

On a recent trip to Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK, I stayed in a serviced apartment where I could wear comfy attire and not feel like a tramp. I cooked spaghetti and drank wine of my own choosing (at a fraction of the bar price.) Bliss.

So next time you’re planning an extended business trip, why not look for a short-term corporate rental? If your organization doesn’t currently allow you to use them, then ask them to. Speak about the well-being benefits. The cost is roughly the same and the advantages are far greater than a sterile hotel room!

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