US is Nearly $15Trillion in Debt

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According to real-time US National Debt clock, the USA is nearly $15 Trillion in debt (at time of writing). So how far will this go?

Take a look at the current US National Debt… what does it tell ya?

The most scary figure of all is the Debt Per Taxpayer – right now at nearly $133,000. That means for everybody who pays taxes (that’s you, by the way) in the US, there is $133k debt outstanding. And growing. YOU are $133k, to someone else. Nearly $5Trillion is owed overseas.

How are you going to pay?

You’re gonna have to dig deep (my pockets aren’t that deep, are yours?) so what’s the plan?

Work hard? Spend more? Use less public services? Pay more tax?

Probably all of them.

So be prepared.

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