Just Announced: Best Global Companies to Work For

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Do you want to work for a company with great perks and growth opportunities? CNN Money has just announced the The Best Global Companies to Work For

Surprisingly to me, Microsoft is at number one. I’m surprised because over the last few years, this software giant has failed to have the impact it enjoyed in previous years. Reading the blurb though, I can see why. Employees are citing a wonderful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy (which is delivered!) This is a recent phenomenon in employee satisfaction results, and testament to the fact that employees everywhere are typically conscious of the plight of the under-priveleged, and gain satisfaction from doing what they can.

Does your organization have a satisfactory CSR policy?

SAS comes in at number two – and the major reason for that is the organization’s focus on training and staff development. The company also avoids outsourcing where there isn’t a clear need to – using internal staff for maintenance and catering. Goes to create a united family!

Does your employer outsource basic services? Do YOU feel like you’re all part of the same family, batting for the same side?

In at number three is NetApp, where employees (after a period of downsizing) are saying that the organization is working towards a commonly understood goal, and that everybody feels part of it. Another example of where establishing a corporate family unit pays dividends (quite literally).

Do you feel part of your organization’s mission? Or are you in a ring-fenced stove-pipe?

At number four is Google. They had to be in at the top-ten somewhere. (Interesting that the top four are tech companies). Employees cite great leadership in mentoring with their Google-to-Googler (g2g) program, for developing talent. Google’s ‘20% time’  initiative also gives employees 20% of their work time for brainstorming and creativity – a real investment.

Does your organization invest in thinking and supporting innovation?

Coming in at number five is Fed-Ex – the first non-tech company. Measuring customer satisfaction has helped the global courier to gain numerous internal and external awards for excellent service.

Does your employee regularly measure your satisfaction, and award employees for great work?

At number six is Cisco who invite employees to an informal Q&A with the CEO, John Chambers, demonstrating that the organization really cares about the views of employees and invests the time of the head-honcho in the process. Employees also enjoy job-sharing and on-site childcare.

Does the big-cheese of your company listen to YOUR views?

Sliding in at number seven is Marriott, the global hotel-chain that provides new recruits with a enviable opportunity to learn and engage in company culture by a three-day stint in one of their hotels in Mexico, with a graduation ceremony and an extra one-night stay. Employees begin every shift with a team briefing where company information is shared and employee excellence is acknowledged.

Does your organization share and communicate news about company and employee performance, and bring you into its culture?

Munching its way to number eight is McDonalds where diversity and fairness is a core value, and training is at the heart of providing great customer service.

Is your employer ‘fair’ and treats everyone with the same consideration?

Clinically entering at number nine is Kimberley-Clark whose employees can informally chat with management teams over coffee about their concerns, worries and careers. Job sharing and on-site childcare are benefits that help the challenges of modern life that bit easier.

How does your employer listen to your concerns and give you a voice to communicate them?

Sweeping up the last top-ten spot is S C Johnson whose ‘family company’ motto resonates with employees by considering the balance of work with family life. In their Canada operation, they provide opportunities to try different jobs to discover if they suit you better.

Does your organization support your needs when running a family?


It’s clear that the top-ten best global companies to work for really care about employee well-being, and have invested in it. So often, I see organizations who talk-the-talk, but don’t deliver. Another round of internal re-branding and a review of ‘company values’ just doesn’t cut it if nothing positive is actually delivered or changed.

Managers need to take note: if you want to be recognized as a great place to work, you have to create one!

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  1. That’s an interesting list. These companies may also be the most difficult to get hired in. Was hoping to see a better position for Google though. And I am surprised of Microsoft too.

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