Age. Why Worry About It?

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Older workers, we’re told, cost more to employ than younger workers.

It’s ‘easy’ for employers to pick on older workers because they have cushy retirement plans, right…? And older workers cost more money to employ because of ‘ill-health’, right…? And older workers stop younger workers getting jobs, right…? Older people are more distracted or less willing to embrace change, right…?

Let’s ask, where is the proof?

Older workers don’t have as many children (dependents) sucking on their healthcare plans. Older workers, on average, require less on their home repayments (if they require anything at all) – so they don’t require as much income. Older workers are more engaged and less distracted.

Where is wisdom, and experience, and a level-head factored into the equation? In the round, how more or less productive are older workers than their younger counterparts?

Employers mustn’t get away with discriminating against older workers. Age discrimination is illegal in most countires, so why is it still a problem?

Let’s not give credence, or a second thought, to what we hear about older workers. There is little proof that there is any difference in overall productivity or cost of employment. Why should we worry about it? Why should we care?

We must only worry about how old we are when we don’t have enough money or room for all the candles on our birthday cake!

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