We Are Not Constrained


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Death is a constraint. For all of us. Whatever we do, we’re all going to die at some point, so we all just live with it.

Our problems, though, can be solved. There are solutions out there if we look hard enough. If there are no solutions, then we probably don’t have a real problem.

Some people think they’re constrained in their job, or life, or whatever. Truth is, they haven’t looked hard enough for a solution to what is often a genuine problem. Perhaps they don’t ask for help. Or maybe they are blaming other people for something that is their responsibility.

We are not constrained.

So what is our problem?

Real Constraints:

  • Passage of Time
  • Gravity
  • Climate & Weather
  • Speed of Light

Not Constraints:

  • Status
  • Education
  • Wealth
  • Location
  • Personal Attributes


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Simon is a creative and passionate business leader dedicated to having fun in the pursuit of high performance and personal development. He is co-founder of Truthsayers Neurotech, the world's first Neurotech platform servicing the enterprise. Simon is also an Ambassador for Gloucestershire business. Simon is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development and Associate Member of the Agile Business Consortium.

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