Quiet Leadership: Six Steps to Transforming Performance at Work

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If you have ever wondered why some teams consistently demonstrate high performance and achievement of its objectives (and why some don’t) you have probably experienced great leadership by a leader who understands his or her team.

A leader’s role is to create the right environment for work to succeed (measured according to the objectives specified.)  Ever wondered how a leader does that?

David Rock shares his experiences of effective leaders in his book Quiet Leadership: Six Steps to Transforming Performance at Work. It starts by establishing a fact that most of us will already know: that  improving human performance involves one of the greatest challenges of humankind: changing the way people think. As a coach, speaker, and consultant to organizations around the world, David Rock has observed that the key to leading people (as well as living and working with them) is found in the way followers process information.

The way followers interpret the words and actions of a leader and then commit to a course of action is a process, and adapting our leadership style and behaviors according to this process it is the most important facet of practicing leadership, says Rock. I’d sure like to master this, how about you?

By learning how leadership affects people internally, you can master it.

Supported by the latest groundbreaking research, Quiet Leadership approaches the challenge of leadership by showing how the minds of followers respond the leaders, and the situation, which will help busy leaders, executives, and managers improve their own and their colleagues’ performance. It’s no science journal, but it does back up the theories with scientific fact.

Who is the book for?

  • Quiet Leadership is for the business leader (right up to CEO) who wants to be more effective at inspiring a leadership team
  • It’s for the CFO/CIO who is busy and needs to make the most out of every brief exchange
  • It’s also for the executive who would like to influence a manager to plan more effectively (but can’t seem to work out how)
  • And it’s for the manager who wants to inspire the sales team, but is drawing a blank as to how
  • It’s for the human resources professional who is ready to take on changing the culture of a whole organization
  • It’s for the parent or caregiver who wants to reach new levels of communication and understanding with their family members

Quiet leaders are masters at bringing out the best performance in other people. They improve the thinking of the people around them—quite literally improving the way their minds process information—without giving blunt instruction. Given how many people in today’s organizations are being paid to think and analyze, isn’t improving our thinking is one of the fastest ways to improve performance?

Quiet Leadership offers a practical, six-step guide to making permanent workplace performance change by unleashing higher productivity, new levels of morale, and greater job satisfaction. Above all, Quiet Leadership will give you the clarity and strength that comes from mastering and using powerful insights that teach you to perform and succeed, at the highest level.

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