10 Essential Body-Language Tactics for your Interview

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Here are ten essential tactics. They’re tried and tested!

Remember these next time you’re sat in the interview room – they could make the difference between the You’re Hired! and the You’re Outta Here!

1. Don’t sit down until invited, and when you do, sit with an upright posture. This helps you to appear attentive and engaged in the conversation. It also helps you breathe properly too.
2. Smile, most of the time. Don’t grin like the Joker; smile naturally! Smiling suggests that you’re relaxed, confident, and that you want to be there!
3. Return a firm handshake – but not too firm. Spraining the interviewers wrist is a bad start. A firm handshake shows strength of character. A limp-wristed handshake will leave a bad impression.
4. Relax… or appear to be relaxed. Breathe like you normally do. Easier said than done, when you’re nervous.
5. Try to remember to not sit with your arms crossed – this will suggest defensiveness and it could change the approach your interviewer takes towards you. It’s surprising how easy it is to forget, and cross your arms in an unnerving situation.
6. Gently gesticulate (move your hands to emphasize your words) as this helps interviewers remember what you say.
7. Keep up eye contact with interviewers but don’t stare! Some people find this a bit intense and can provoke a nervous response.
8. Speak clearly, and don’t rush your sentences. This will prevent your voice from raising its pitch and you appearing nervous.
9. Mirror your interviewer’s posture subtly as it demonstrates agreement. It’s a tactic that can help develop rapport.
10. Nod your head regularly to show agreement – gently though. Don’t overdo the nodding!

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