Quite Possibly the Dumbest Email Disclaimer I Have EVER Read

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I’ve just received an email from a ‘web entrepreneur’ (putting it kindly) with the most laughable and highly dumb disclaimer I have ever read….

Yeah this is off topic, but I gotta share it before I burst. Some dumbass has just sent me an email to provide me with an excellent opportunity to learn a Highly Guarded Secret Video Shows Me How To Make Money Fast And Start Earning An Easy $1,200.00 Profit TODAY! Never Before Revealed (apparently). It comes complete with an easy-to-click, shortened link (hiding the destination, of course) and then this total corker of a disclaimer…

** Disclaimer **
The author is not responsible for the
content of this email,
and anything said in this e-mail does 
not necessarily reflect our views.

Ain’t that a laugh?

TO: The guy who sent me this email (you know who you are)…

You are Officially a

Dumb Ass

Just keep in mind, folks, that if you recieve an email with a disclaimer like this, chuck it in the trash!

Have You received a ‘funny’ email like this? Share your story!

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