10 Great Desktop Gadgets

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Whether it’s to kill boredom, impress your buddies, or to find that unique Secret Santa gift, desktop gadgets are without a doubt COOL. How many times have you seen one on a colleagues desk and thought ‘That’s awesome!’? Here is a round-up of ten such gizmos.

1. Funny GIFT! The Butt Station -Desk Accessory : Tape Dispenser Pen Memo Holder Clip Storage.

A funny tape dispenser shaped liked a guy on the pan. He even holds your pen in his mouth for that extra fun-factor.

It takes standard tape reels and standard pens too. It makes the perfect gift to a buddy or even yourself.

$9.97 – Buy Now

2. Lego Calendar

When I saw this I felt I just had to have one. I love lego – just like 99% of other grown-up kids. It’s compatible with standard lego pieces too so it’s ripe for the odd embellishment once I’ve raided my son’s lego set.

The best excuse for lego on the desk that I have ever seen!

$22.99 – Buy Now

3. Miniature File Cabinet for Business Cards with Built-in Digital Clock, PI-9617

Rolodex’s are dead. When somebody gives me a business card, this is where I want to put it. It even has index cards for easy retrieval.

It’s much better than those faux leather wallets that come as standard from the stationary room.

It doesn’t have room to hide a bottle of bourbon, but apart from that it looks and feels like a regular filing cabinet!

$10.82 – Buy Now

4. Decision Maker

Put those important business decisions in the lap of the gods.

Perfect if any decision is better than no decision. Which is often a very true statement.

At least you can blame fate!

It will certainly help me to decide what to have for lunch.

$12.88 – Buy Now

5. USB Office Fairy Lights

Bring the magic and splendor of fairy lights to your cube.

Perfect for those long winter days.

It fits directly into your USB port so no external power needed. It also means you can store it away at the end of the day without electricuting yourself.

$12.99 – Buy Now

6. Desk Dots…Magnetic Ceramic Spheres

These things are addictive. The sound they make when they clang together is melodic! They make great business card holders or note holdholders – basically use them for anything feasible that you can justify keeping them around to play with…

$19.00 – Buy Now

7. USB Missile Launcher with 3 Foam Missiles

I probably don’t need to say much about how cool this really is.

The picture speaks for itself.

Just beware of hitting your boss in the face with it. They don’t like it.

It plugs into your USB port and requires no additional power!

$34.30 – Buy Now

8. Digital USB Microscope Video Camera

Examine the crumbs on your desk or the beauty of the coffee stain on your report with this amazing microsocope that plugs into your USB port.

It has a million of uses. All of which can be justifiable in the pursuit of gainful employment, no doubt.

Use your imagination…

$99.99 – Buy Now

9. USB Office Glitter Rocket Lamp

Relieve your stress and tension with this desktop glitter lamp. Watch your productivity sky-rocket!

Tell your boss that the relaxation therapist isn’t necessary.

If possible, put this through as an expense claim!

$12.99 – Buy Now

10. USB Powered Paper Shredder

Information security is paramount in today’s enterprise. So what better than to have your own shredder that plugs into your USB.

Just don’t shred your hair, or pig-tails.

Feel free to shred parking fines.

$8.95 – Buy Now

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2 thoughts on “10 Great Desktop Gadgets”

  1. To be honest, I think the best thing you can do as a geek for your desk is removing absolutely everything except a mechanical pencil, a 500 ream of plain paper, and a high quality eraser (staedtler).

    The key to make this work is to remove all trace of the computer, keyboard, monitor, cords, etc. Also remove all books and other junk.

    The computer should then be a decent netbook that can stay hidden in the drawer to recharge.

    Bonus points for keeping the desk phone out of sight. Double bonus points for keeping it unplugged.

    When people ask how you program, you say: pen, paper, brain.

    And to be honest, this is how I come up with my best programs.

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