Salary Planning and Other Tools for Managers

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Does planning salary increases in your department gives you a headache? This isn’t a straightforward process as salary caps (especially now) are putting pressure on fairness and agreements we might have made with staff.

When you have only a small pool of extra cash to divvie up between staff, I often feel that I am letting someone down! I can’t remember a single occasion when I have had more funds to give the deserved increases than I needed. Have you?

Well, I don’t think this emotional strife is easy to overcome – it seems inevitable. But I have found a tool that provides a template that helps us manage the data and arrive at the fairest spread of increases possible.

I found it in an IT Business Edge newsletter I received, which I share with you: click here to access the template.

Do You Use Templates Like These?

Tell us how you get on with using templates like this. Share your experience!

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