Update on ‘Become a Smart and Effective Freelancer’

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Dang It!

The Become a Smart and Effective Freelancer course was due for launch on July 1st… But time ran out for me this month! It’s been a hectic mêlée of juggling several projects on the go so I decided to push the launch of this course out so that I can make sure I don’t rush it and deliver top quality content.

Become a Smart and Effective Freelancer will now launch on August 1st 2009!

The Become a Smart and Effective Freelancer Course Outline

When you complete the objectives of this course, you will have mastered…

  • How To Use Learning to Enhance Your Freelance Business and Boost Profits
  • How To Enjoy Quality Feedback
  • How To Use Feedback to Optimize Your Business for Customer Satisfaction and Increase Profits
  • How To Assess New Opportunities and Destroy Threats to Your Freelance Business
  • How To Build a Customer-Centric Business Change Strategy


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