Ready To Quit Your Job, Yet?

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How do you know when you’re ready to quit your job and graze on pastures new?

This is a question asked by many IT Professionals right now. Maybe you’ve read the signs that layoffs are ahead, or you’re frustrated in your current role. You could even be considering joining the ranks of freelancers. It’s a risky move to leave a paid job. Especially if setting up by yourself.

It’s important that we understand the risk factors and take these into consideration when preparing yourself to quit.

Mark McClure Enter Mark McClure ‘s recent post on this very subject. I love Mark’s writing because he says it as it is. No fluff. But with a bit of humor thrown in.

Mark isn’t advising against quitting your job, but he does highlight the risks associated with it. It’s education which adds to the quality of such an important decision. In his post he shares a great free resource that I strongly suggest you read if you’re thinking about quitting. You won’t regret it!

Read Mark’s post ‘Drinking The Quit Your Job Kool-Aid ‘ now.

Read my review of Mark’s ‘IT Career Engineer‘ too…

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