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I’ve written before that if management was a true science, then there wouldn’t be so many books on the subject. Do a search on Amazon for management and you’ll see thousands of books on the subject. How do you pick books when there are so many to choose from?

Hopefully, I’ll give you a start. I’ve just read ‘Lead Well and Prosper ‘ by Nick McCormick – 15 successful strategies for becoming a good manager.

It’s unique: you’ll find non-fiction punctuated by fictional episodes for a high-impact effect, and this is what makes this book special.

Each of the successful strategies is articulated using extremes. Using fictional characters (such as Joe Kerr, the spiteful asshole-boss (perhaps Juan Kerr would have been a better name!), and Wanda B. Goode, the progressive professional with halo), Nick uses these extreme behaviors to illustrate how people behave in the workplace, and how a manager’s modus operandi have a stifling and degenerative effect on their reports. The extremes serve as a humorous yet poignant perspective on the way people really do behave in the workplace – I bet you recognize yourself at both extremes if you look back on your career!

The conversations between the characters is farcical, yes, but reflective of the conversations that go on inside the heads of people as they interact to go achieve their professional goals. The farce is grounded in the reality of human behavior.

Each chapter addresses a strategy (behavior). It begins with the ‘conversation’ which stirs up the reader’s emotions to understand what each strategy addresses. Then, Nick gives us commentary on the behavior and how the strategy is an appropriate solution. Each chapter is then concluded with a list of things to do and not to do in order to achieve the strategy, and a list of easily actionable steps to take. It’s a powerful writing technique.

The strategies are:

  1. Adopt a Serving Attitude
  2. Teach
  3. Provide Honest and Timely Feedback
  4. Share Information
  5. Listen
  6. Treat People Like Human Beings
  7. Set Goals, Plan and Execute
  8. Learn
  9. Do the Right Thing
  10. Embrace the Uncomfortable
  11. Clean Up Your Own House First
  12. Persist
  13. Do What You Say Will Do
  14. Always Follow Up
  15. Plan Your Week

The chapter I found the most powerful and motivational is 10) Embrace the Uncomfortable; this is an eye-opener. I see folks in the workplace NOT doing this, and to some extent, I see it in myself. At times, we all avoid pain in order for an ‘easy’ time – but guess what – we just store up trouble and then have to deal with it when the pain is much worse. In fact I will be publishing an article on this very subject soon (subscribe to my RSS feed so you will know when!)

The book is short, just 93 pages, but don’t see that as a negative. This book is short, and sweet . It’s brevity is what gives it its freshness and page-turn appeal. It doesn’t assume too much about its reader, other than that they want to learn and grow.

This book isn’t just for managers or leaders. It’s not even just for people who want to become a manager or leader. This book addresses challenges that we all face in the workplace, so I think any professional in any industry will enjoy it and put it to good use.

By now, I hope I’ve convinced you that this is a unique book. It stands out from the other management books I’ve read over the years! Lead Well and Prosper is a bargain at only $14.95 , available from Amazon. Order today and you’ll get it tomorrow!

Buy This Book Today : Lead Well and Prosper: 15 Successful Strategies for Becoming a Good Manager

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