No Spam For Me, Thanks

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I could be setting myself up as a spam target now….

In January of 2009, this blog received 1,455 comment spamming attempts, which my spam filter (Akismet) foiled. The most attempts in one day, so far, is 105. Thank God for spam filters!

I’ve been lucky – nothing has gotten through yet. There are messages that don’t look like spam to Akismet: with a little bit of wisdom and a Google search, I catch the rest. If a comment looks generic, I use Google to search for the text of the comment (in quotes) to see if other bloggers have fallen foul. If I get a search hit, then I know it’s spam!

If you blog, then follow that tip to avoid your reputation being sullied by some tricky sheister!

Here is a graph of the amount of spam caught by day:

So thanks, spammers, for giving me the data to create a pretty graph like this!

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8 thoughts on “No Spam For Me, Thanks”

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  2. simonstapleton

    @Chris – sorry but you’re too late. I’d already signed up for this when a nice gentleman in some west african country I’d never heard of offered me this holiday plus 10% of $15trillion dollars of which he needs help to get out of a church fund he is managing on behalf of lame children. Given the value of the prize I had to offer my help and my bank details plus passport number. If you want me to cut you in on the deal, you’ll need to provide me with your details so I can pass them on. Think about it – we’d each have $750m each for no work whatsoever.

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    1. simonstapleton

      Hey Asif can you send me those links through? I am thinking of rebranding the products and setting up some PPC campaigns for an ROI based on PDQ and PLR but I need the MMR first. TFN

  6. I’ve seen over 20k spam comments since June 07, but then again I post like there’s no tomorrow. The only really effective way to stop spam-posing-as-nonspam though is to moderate every comment. It’s a bit more work but well worth the effort.

    1. Eeek John! 20k+ spam comments. How much time do you spend per week moderating the comments? Do you think that this process could be outsourced?

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