Should I Change My Blog Theme?

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Hi everyone! I’ve been tweaking the look and feel of my blog and during the process I wondered if I should consider a different theme entirely. What do you think?

You can influence my design choice! Tell me what I should do to my theme.

So, should I…

  1. Change the theme entirely? Any ideas to which theme?
  2. Change just some elements of the current theme?
  3. Leave the current theme as it is?

Your opinions will rock!


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6 thoughts on “Should I Change My Blog Theme?”

  1. Hi Simon

    I like your current theme. If you want critical advice, then I think your theme is a bit dark. The right hand sidebar needs illuminating.

    What about using a white background instead?

    Other than that, maybe a bit more space would work – it’s a bit cramped.

    John Aspect

    1. simonstapleton

      Thanks very much for the feedback John. You’ve come up with some good ideas which I can test out on my staging site. I’ll see how they work and let you know. Maybe once I have done the tweaking I will show you the staging site and get your opinion.

      Thanks for you comment!

  2. Looks fine to me Simon. I like it. Its better to focus on good content than tweaking your theme. I love your tag cloud.

    1. simonstapleton

      @Asif – great content is always the focus 😉

      You like the tag cloud? Thanks. Do you think it works as well as a static cloud?

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