Cloud Computing IS a More Palatable Word for Outsourcing…

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…if you were in any doubt.

Cloud Computing is one of the most significant transformational innovations for IT in 2009. But what it achieves is not an innovation. The innovation is the dressing up of the word Outsourcing.

Business NEEDS Cloud Computing, in general. It removes the cottage industries of IT infrastructure out of struggling businesses whose product is NOT IT. The burden of infrastructure, and the vast amounts of money (capital) it consumes, will be a welcome departure for those CEOs and CFOs. For many organizations, it is a disruptive move that threatens ongoing operations whilst the transformation beds in.

Let’s not forget what it really is – it’s outsourcing. Adopters are giving someone else this burden, hopefully to organizations who are extremely adept in the practice and can do it at less cost than if performed internally.

But let’s not forget what it really is – it’s outsourcing. Yes, I did repeat that statement!

The word ‘Cloud’ has some interesting connotations. Adopters should we wary of buying vaporware. And wary that they don’t have their heads in the clouds in believing that they can just lift-and-drop services to Cloud vendors. The same issues facing outsourcers will be experienced by Cloud adopters.

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