3 Tech Gadgets I Just Had To Buy…

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I am admitting a moment of total weakness. I just gave into compulsion like never before! I feel so weak, but so pleasantly geeky too!

I am ‘fessing up to buying three gadgets that (with an objective/boring hat on) I didn’t really need, but I fell in love with them when I saw them. I’ve just been post-rationalizing about it. ‘Screw the recession’ I said. ‘I work hard, so why not treat yourself’ I muttered. What other excuse can I use?

Before I reveal what they are, just prepare to ask yourself the same question I did – do I really WANT them? See for yourself…

3 Tech Gadgets I Just Had To BuyThe first gadget I bought was the Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router ($129.99) as my old LinkSys Wireless-6 was knocking me out intermitently. I loved my old LinkSys, but the issues I was having gave me headaches. So when I saw the sexy styling of the N1 Vision, I couldn’t resist it. It sure looks sexy doesn’t it? The information panel on the front is configurable and can show all sorts of info – I use to check uplink speed.

3 Tech Gadgets I Just Had ToBuy!Next up is the Logitech G15 gamers keyboard (v2) ($74.72). In between writing and coaching, I find time to play some of my favorite games – right now I am trying to complete the last level of Call Of Duty World At War. It’s real tough, but this keyboard has 18 macro keys that come in real useful when executing several key presses in succession. I also use this to build macros useful to me when writing this blog or eBooks. The fold-out screen is used by some games to provide extra data although I must admit it that I find it a neat gimic, but not useful as my eyes are on the screen!

3 Tech Gadgets I Just Had To Buy!The third gadget I couldn’t resist is the Belkin Nostromo N52te SpeedPad (RRP $69.99) – a bit of a mouthful but a grazy gadget for gaming! I use keys a lot, and my keyboard used to take a bit of a hammering and it would sometimes get uncomfortable after a while. But with the SpeedPad, my wrist is rested on the ergonomically designed pad. It has a scroll wheel too, and a ‘hat’ stick, and LOADS of buttons that can be configured to suit your needs. The blue-LED backlighting makes it look great too.

Maybe I should stop browsing the gaming mags to avoid being implusive, but then again, when gadgets look as sexy as these then it’s hard to resist!

If you’re enticed by these too, then follow the links above to find the latest price from Amazon! Or you might find them on eBay at better discounts. If you find them cheaper, please leave a comment and share where you found them!

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