Are You a Player?

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Are you known for being a serious player? Do your colleagues look up to you and gain inspiration? When you walk into a room, do you brighten it up?

Well I want to know about you! I am looking for volunteers to help me with a survey on the top motivators of the IT Elite.

The survey will ask you what motivates you.

  • Is it achievement, or fear of not achieving?
  • Is it winning, or fear of not winning?
  • Is it affiliation and comradery, or fear of being an outcast?

This survey will find out what the key motivators are of the very best from the IT industry.

If you’re keen to help and believe you are a member of the IT Elite, then get in touch by leaving a comment below, sending me a message through Skype, calling me, or emailing me. Details on my About page!

Get in touch now.


What do you think motivates this guy? I don’t think it’s fear!

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