Sh… IT Happens #1

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Finally, I now bring you a weekly pick of some of the best finds from the web and blogosphere. You will find brief reviews and links to some of the best posts about technology and IT.

And so to our first installment – #1.

  1. The Top 5 Bush Gaffes

    OK – I’ve startedoff topic. Bite Me! Whether you are elephant or donkey, it is impossible not to see the funny side of Bush’s eloquent use of the English language. I found this on YouTube courtesy of Steveoqotsa who has pulled together 5 great gaffes by W.

  2. The Eight Step Process of Successful Change

    Title says it all! It’s a great list and would make great management mantra of affirmations.

  3. IT vs Sales: The YouTube Version

    Dr Anderson shares his YouTube find that gives us a laugh and something to think about

  4. Knowledgeable Workforce Requires Knowledge-Filled Workers

    CEO Steve Roesler imparts some wisdom- the knowledge economy needs knowledgable people for it to work, particularly when looking at retention of knowledge and employee engagement when layoffs are looming in

  5. Your brand is what you do

    A great post from innovation guru Jeffrey Phillips where he explains that your brand is your product. I guess this applies to your own personal brand, as well as that of your company. Jeffrey suggests that your brand isn’t your logo or your strapline but it’s the result of what you deliver. Brand is the manifestation of your results, not the other way around!

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