Make Your LinkedIn Profile Really Stand Out

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I am a big fan of LinkedIn – not just for the social networking aspects of the site – but I strongly believe it creates the new-wave of opportunities for jobseeking.

In my post How To Search The Invisible Job Market I described guerrilla tactics for finding the very best jobs, even before they become vacancies. It’s all about being in the face of potential hiring managers and building up a reputation and relationship with them so they know to come to you first , or create jobs just for you.

I found this great post on the website:How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile: Stand Out to Employers, Recruiters which gives us sagely advice on really sharpening up your profile so that it appeals to recruiters more than all the other jobseekers out there – your competition. Some of the tips are simple, but powerful, such as:

  • Adding a photograph of yourself
  • Using a Professional Headline
  • Talking about current work and assignments
  • Sharing links to your websites

As I said, most of this is simple, but not everyone does it! Get ahead of your competition now by following this advice !

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  1. We also found a couple of posts Guy Kawasaki wrote useful: Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn and LinkedIn Profile Makeover.

    We thought your readers might also be interested in these.

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