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I am a big fan of LinkedIn – not just for the social networking aspects of the site – but I strongly believe it creates the new-wave of opportunities for jobseeking.

In my post How To Search The Invisible Job Market I described guerrilla tactics for finding the very best jobs, even before they become vacancies. It’s all about being in the face of potential hiring managers and building up a reputation and relationship with them so they know to come to you first , or create jobs just for you.

I found this great post on the website:How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile: Stand Out to Employers, Recruiters which gives us sagely advice on really sharpening up your profile so that it appeals to recruiters more than all the other jobseekers out there – your competition. Some of the tips are simple, but powerful, such as:

  • Adding a photograph of yourself
  • Using a Professional Headline
  • Talking about current work and assignments
  • Sharing links to your websites

As I said, most of this is simple, but not everyone does it! Get ahead of your competition now by following this advice !


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Simon is a creative and passionate business leader dedicated to having fun in the pursuit of high performance and personal development. He is co-founder of Truthsayers Neurotech, the world's first Neurotech platform servicing the enterprise. Simon is also an Ambassador for Gloucestershire business. Simon is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development and Associate Member of the Agile Business Consortium.

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  1. A Friend

    We also found a couple of posts Guy Kawasaki wrote useful: Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn and LinkedIn Profile Makeover.

    We thought your readers might also be interested in these.


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