What is the Best Way to Prepare for an Interview? (Part Three)

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Your ‘big day’ has arrived. Your interview is now. How are you making the final preparations?

In Part One of this series we looked at how to prepare in advance for an interview, in particularly, how to build confidence that you have the best answers for the ‘tricky’ questions that always get asked. Interviews are a nervous time… so having great answers prepared, along with some research into your potential employer, will ready you for the grilling you’ll get.

In Part Two we then looked at what questions YOU should prepare – no question is too daft or trivial if it’s important to you. We also looked at appropriate attire, and that it should reflect your personality without being overly casual. First impressions count.

In this part, Part Three, we’re now going to take a quick look at the final preparations. These are dealing with the nerves and anxiety that turn our stomachs into mush.


Even with preparing the best inverview answers and wearing that sharp suit you have in your wardrobe, nerves will still come. This is a perfectly natural response. So I’m actually saying – expect the nerves. But control them. Anxiety is an emotion we have evolved in order to protect us in order to survive. It increases our adrenalin so we are physically stronger, and it focuses our mind on senses to danger.

Controlling Anxiety

Your anxiety can be controlled by reminding yourself that you’re at the interview for YOU. This is important to you, but hey if you don’t get the job then it’s not the end of the world. Also, imagine (and it is probably true) that the people interviewing you are just as nervous. Many managers get nervous before interviewing people – they want to find good employees too and the stakes are just as high for them, if not higher.

On your way to the interview, remind yourself of your achievements and how you made them happen. Keep these at the front of mind. Write them down if you can as it will help memorization.

I think best of all, before your interview, visualize yourself in the room answering the questions you’ve prepared. ‘See’ yourself as charming, articulate and relaxed. Close your eyes if need be and maintain this strong image of yourself. Burn it into your head . You will be surprised what this visualization can achieve!

If you’ve bought the Job Interview Answers product I recommended in Part One, then remember there are the FREE BONUSES “Understanding The Reasons Why You Get Nervous ” and “Seven Mental Exercises to Sharpen your Persuasive Mind, Calm your Nerves, and Focus Power ” which will walk you through building up your focus and overcoming your nerves.

What To Avoid…

  • You can control anxiety by avoiding caffeine (don’t take that Starbucks just before the interview… wait until afterwards!), alcohol (you don’t need that swig do you?) and nicotine (avoid anyway!). These are known stimulants and will get you buzzing rather than relaxed.
  • Getting plenty of sleep is a great way of calming the nerves. Jerilyn Ross, M.A., L.I.C.S.W., president of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America in Rockville, Md., and author of “Triumph Over Fear” (Bantam Books, 1995) wrote “If you’re tired, then you’re more vulnerable to anxiety, so get enough sleep.”
  • Find something to laugh about! Laughing is a great quasher of anxiety. Stay well humored and you’re in control.

Good Luck!

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2 thoughts on “What is the Best Way to Prepare for an Interview? (Part Three)”

  1. Three additional tips I’ve heard from clients and former colleagues who claim they were well received at interviews for tech positions. (DYOR – your mileage may vary.)

    1- Shine your shoes! (People do look – particularly anyone with a military/law-enforcement background)

    2- Have a quality pen in your pocket.
    This is “image” but you are indeed selling yourself at an interview. The pen doesn’t have to cost mega-bucks, just avoid bargain basement.

    3- Print off relevant copies of the hiring company’s website, especially any bio descriptions of the people/departments you might end up working for.

    Even better if you have read and annotated these beforehand with relevant questions or key phrases. When discretely placed in a file folder on the desk in front of you (or held in your lap), they will often be noticed and commented on.

    A home run if you have the bio of anyone who is actually in the interview room that day! Shows you have done due diligence on not just the company, but also the key players.

  2. @Mark – those are great additions to the preparation, and they’re the kind of guerrilla tactics (well, maybe not the shoes) that I like. Thanks!

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