Special Report: Why ‘Green’ and Other Niche Causes are Great Career Builders

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I’ve just released a Special Report on the subject of Why ‘Green’ and Other Niche Causes are Great Career Builders . If you’re an avid reader of this website you’ll know that I’ve discussed the opportunities that supporting niche causes, and being seen to do so, is a powerful means of raising your profile and being recognized by senior management. And if you use your core skills to do so, then it will be a cinch for you!

I’ve released this special report today so this opportunity can be shared and developed as an idea.

If you have done something similar in your workplace than I am sure we would all love to hear about it and what it has done for your profile and your career!

To download this report, hit the new eBooks page under Essential Reading (or be lazy and just click here ).

You’ll need Adobe Reader to read this report (you can download Adobe Reader here if you need it )

Comments and feedback about the report are always welcome!

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