The Cancer Charity Fundraiser

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Some of the worst-hit organizations in an economic downturn are Charities. According to analysis performed by consulting group nfpSynergy, there is a direct correlation between economic output of a country (known as Gross Domestic Product, or GDP) and charity income.

So until the end of this month November I am going to help Cancer Research charities by giving $1 for every Digg and Stumble of my site, $1 for Every Inbound Link and 50cents for every comment left!


I have chosen Cancer Research charities because this year I became a cancer survivor . I heard about the nfpSynergy research, and I feel I need to do what I can to raise funds. It’s likely that you know someone who is a cancer survivor too, or someone effected by cancer.

How You Can Help!!

It’s really simple. You can:

  • Leave a relevant comment against one of my articles
  • Add a review of one of my articles on
  • Add a review of one of my articles on

PLEASE NOTE: Add a review on Digg or Stumbleupon only if you like an article I’ve written – these systems shouldn’t be spammed! Thanks everyone.

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15 thoughts on “The Cancer Charity Fundraiser”

  1. This is such a cool and great thing for you to do Simon. It’s really great to see how you overcame this and now our on the offensive, helping to battle and raise money for cancer research. I have given this a thumbs up and am leaving a review on stumbleupon for sure, I’m sure the rest of the community will approve as well.

    Are there any ways we could directly donate to your fund? I will also be writing and linking to this post from my blog.

    Best Regards,


  2. @Drew – thanks! That is very kind, and I appreciate your support. Of course you can donate directly if you would like to. The best way of all is if you make a direct donation to the charity (e.g, and let me know how much so I can total it up. This way, there is nothing lost, e.g. PayPal fees. I hope that is OK for you? I do appreciate you giving what you can, no matter how small you might think it is.
    If you do want to send me a donation then contact me on my About page and I can tell you how.
    Thanks Everyone!

  3. @Simon – I’ll donate $20 if you change that picture on your own page to look more like Indie Jones.

    Also, I’ll donate 1$ for each comment I made during October. Great excuse to comment spam your site but of course I won’t!!

  4. @Mark-lol! I would love to see a picture of Simon photoshopped to look like Indiana Jones, complete with a hat and whip. What do you say Simon? The ladies love Indie any way 🙂

    Thanks for the donation links Simon, as soon as payday comes, I will be making my donation.

  5. @Mark – check out the photo at the top! Good idea on sending Steve a note. Maybe, just maybe, he will reply!

  6. Yes, but where is the bull whip… and that giant boulder (aka SAN storage device haha!!) which has crashed through Data Center walls and is now pursuing our valiant IT explorers along darkened corporate corridors, dripping with the pink slippery blood of another sacrificial downsizing???

    Sorry…, erm, carried away again. Must’ve been that Halloween Town Hall meetings!

    Anyhow, $20 on it’s way direct to the charity by end of month. I’ll tot up my comment contribs and send you a PM with the final amount for your records start or Nov.

    Oh, and I took a guess at S. Jobs email address and send him a polite little missive about leaving a blog comment (!!)
    You never know…

  7. @Josh – spread the word, spread the joy! The photoshop skills are anything but. I think I was just lucky with the cut & paste. I discovered something called ‘Feather’ as I applied it and my mugshot fitted right in. Luck rather than judgment. But who cares? I’ll take the credit!

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