What A Load Of Tosh! Do You Buy This?

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I was researching a subject when I found something on YouTube. Just take a look at this load of crap (below). I’ve not seen such self-important, head-in-the-clouds nonsense since watching Oprah. I just don’t buy this ‘Enterprise Architecture Solves World Hunger’ angle at all.

I’m wearing one of De Bono’s Black Hats for this. Maybe even a Red Hat as I feel a bit angry about the video. OK, the video is expensively produced, no doubt. But what a waste. It promises far too much and in such a condescending manner too. I recommend you watch the first five minutes and make your mind up whether to continue or not.

If you thought it was Great, then please tell me why!

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2 thoughts on “What A Load Of Tosh! Do You Buy This?”

  1. I’m a glutton for punishment and watched the whole 7 minutes – and once I found out who NASCIO was representing, the FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) of the video pitch became slightly more palatable. But not much.

    My ears pricked up at these sound bytes:

    “eliminate unwanted redundancies”

    “holistic solution to complex problems”

    “fully exploiting the past”

    “ongoing transformation”

    Your tax dollars at work, I guess? I wonder what US-based IT readers make of it?

  2. @Mark – I couldn’t help feeling that the video was a conceted effort at self-congratulation without any real content except marketese – some of the comments you highlighted above are classic examples. I am all for governmental support of IT – this is essential – but to put this video out into the public domain and waste 7 mins of our time plus the power it takes to transmit and read it is just a waste, let alone the production costs

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