I AM NOT A PC. Are You?

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According to this latest Microsoft commercial, everyone is a PC. Hmmmm… interesting angle.

But I am standing firm. I am NOT a PC. Here’s why:

  1. When I upgrade something in my life (like a car), I really upgrade it, not just stick bling on what I had before.
  2. I won’t be told to upgrade until I am ready, if I ever become ready.
  3. How do PC’s reproduce? However it’s done, I am not interested. I like my way better.
  4. I don’t want to be turned off as easily as I am turned on…
  5. … and in fact I don’t want to take as long as a PC does to be turned on!


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Simon is a creative and passionate business leader dedicated to having fun in the pursuit of high performance and personal development. He is co-founder of Truthsayers Neurotech, the world's first Neurotech platform servicing the enterprise. Simon is also an Ambassador for Gloucestershire business. Simon is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development and Associate Member of the Agile Business Consortium.


  1. Josh

    I unfortunately am quite like a PC…I am always getting viruses. (I have man flu)

  2. Christine

    If you could be turned off as easily as turned on it might make you a woman, rather than a pc. lol.

    Funny post. But then, I am partial to geek humor.

  3. simonstapleton

    @Christine – it’s hard to know how to reply to that, so I’m taking the fifth.


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