Will You Get One Of These Tiny Keyboards?

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Check out this tiny keyboard featured on Gizmodo . Smaller than the size of your hand, and it connects up to your PC via USB. How sweet. But what’s the point in it?

It’s a little bit smaller than most laptop keyboards, but then laptops come with keyboards so no use there. I doubt many people carry their desktop PC for mobile use…. so no use there.

It has no cellphone/blackberry connector, which I think would make this be very attractive to IT folks on the move.

Possibly the only application I can see is for use with a tablet PC or for folks who don’t like their palmtop keyboard.

I am struggling to know what the market is for this gadget. Maybe you will get one – but for what?

In my opinion a far better keyboard device for on the move application is one of those roll-up keyboards that you can store in your bag a lot easier, and they’re far more robust. You can even get one thats wireless. It looks far more impressive and is practically superior. Although even this one doesn’t have a cellphone connector, it means I can use my laptop more comfortably on the train or bus even when I don’t have a completely even surface. I don’t think the tiny keyboard above actually helps me in any way when I am on the move.

Do these kind of gadgets impress you? Let us know!

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