A Blast Of Nostalgia!

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I was surfing around YouTube and found this TV commercial for the Intellivision from Mattel Electronics – my first ever electronic gadget. I had one of these back in 1984 before I had my first home computer. I loved it at first, but became bored of it because I couldn’t program it and make my own games!

Did you any of you folks have one?

What I love about it now is the faux wooden effect on the side and the handset with the cheap buttons and inlays you could slot in for specific games. My favorite game was Tron Deadly Discs . This was a heated battle of wits, cheap graphics and white noise sound effects. I still feel the adrenalin now just watching the video:

Or perhaps you had the Colecovision instead? I was very jealous as a 12 year old of anyone who had one of these!

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2 thoughts on “A Blast Of Nostalgia!”

  1. I had one of these too, back in the day. I loved B17 bomber – the computerized speech was delightfully bad. I am going to buy one of these on eBay!

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